This is a blog that I set up so I could do something with photographs for my various travels rather than just gathering literal (yes, a lot of my travels were done with a film camera where I sent them off at the end and received lots of pictures of the bottom of bags and my lap in return) or digital dust. So I’m afraid this isn’t some high-powered or soon-to-be important blog that you want to get a link from or quoted on or anything like that. Though please get in touch if you think there’s pictures, articles, videos etc that would be of interest. I love travel, and hope I have so much more to do, and am always looking for ideas. (pete at travellingismyblanket.com)

The blog hasn’t exactly worked out as I planned. I’ve launched it a few times and, for various reasons, had to restart from scratch, which is a pretty soul-destroying process. I love writing captions as much as the next man but… Exactly. Also, I launched it for the experience of creating a website, fiddling with the analytics and seeing what I could learn. Well, I’ve learnt I have the attention span of a drugged-up pigeon, but I’m trying again. We’ll see what happens.

But basically all of these self-indulgent ramblings (of which you can find on any other page of the site) are to just to credit the name.

It isn’t an attempt to steal traffic from the travel blanket retailers, though I’m not against the idea. At the time it all started I was listening to a lot of Urban Species and they produced a hauntingly beautiful song with Imogen Heap that contains the phrase “music is my sanctuary, music is my blanket”. The song is called Blanket. “Music is my blanket” is a rubbish travel blog name. “Travelling is my sanctuary” seemed a bit pretentious and lacking in whimsy. Anyway here’s the tune, I still believe it’s a classic, or a hidden gem as you might say if you wanted to ramp up your travelclicheometer.

Happy travelling!